A View From Below

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Rooftop Pictures Presents:

A View From Below

The ocean is as vast as it is mysterious. More than seventy percent of our planet is covered by water yet less than one percent of it has been explored. In this alien environment the line between fact and theory is blurred. This, the unknown, has been a motivating factor of Karl Stanley's for his entire life.

"Homemade" and "submarine" are two words that don't go together, but Karl Stanley has proven that convention wrong twice over. He designed and built two groundbreaking deep-sea submersibles with the creativity and resourcefulness of some of history's greatest inventors.

His inventions have given him access to a world previously reserved for scientists and research grants, and he's not shy to gloat about it. He offers the general public a once in a lifetime experience to go face to face with an environment largely unexplored.

A View From Below follows Karl Stanley in his unprecedented, controversial, quest to "Go Deeper". His determination and creativity will amaze and inspire you from the very beginning.

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